Is Coupon Suzy a great deal?

You have perhaps seen those ads on TV for a place to get store coupons. I checked it out and I am warning you to steer clear of that website and here is why.

A tried to print out at least 3 of the coupons on the website and came up to a page that said I needed to install their coupon printer -WTF!! I have printed many, many coupons off of websites and used them without problems so why do they need to have me install some software on my computer? That was a big red flag so I checked it out.

I typed in the words "coupon suzy scam" into Google and came up with the facts that the printer program that they want me to install is full of malware and computer worms. Here are 2 websites that computer security programmers are telling their experiences with it:
Is installing a coupon printer safe?
Coupon Suzy - NO THANKS

If any website asks you to install anything on your computer in order to use their website, either stay away from that website or do some research first, like I did. You will save by not having to pay someone to fix your computer once the "bad" software takes it over.

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