Weird warm weather

It's January and normally I have cold rain and or snow where I live. Yes there is usually one week of unusually warm weather around this time it is lasting longer than one week. We have not had any snow so far this year, not even a dusting and that is odd.

It has been very dry in California too. I read they have only had 7% of their normal rainfall as of December. They are worried about crops this year and high hay prices which will drive up costs of food nation wide.

Even though we have had warmer weather during the days, our nights are below freezing due to the lack of cloud cover. That means that many people will have a higher heating bill than normal. I don't have to worry about that since we have a wood stove and plenty of wood. It keeps the whole house warm and there have been occasions where I have told hubby to quit putting more wood on it since it was getting too hot to sleep at night. It as that point he takes off his welding gloves, yes he uses them to mess with the fire since he always managed to burn himself at least once every winter, and then lets the fire die for the night.

So how is the winter weather where you live? Normal or just a bit wacky?

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