Job transfer

This guest post from Werner Rogers

In today’s economy I guess I’m just lucky to have a job. However, it is incredibly difficult to happy with my company when I have to uproot my family from the only town and home that they have ever known and move them half way across the country all because the bosses want to move. Oh well, my wife and I have always said that as long as the family is all together, we can be happy anywhere. So here we go, off on a cross-country adventure. With a new place to live comes an all new set of challenges. Luckily, my wife home schools all of our kids, so pulling them out of school and getting them used to a new school is not an issue. However, due largely to the home schooling situation, home internet is a must. Since one of my co-workers knew about our dependency on the internet, he recommended that I look at Wild Blue. When I did a search for Get WildBlue, I was pleasantly surprised at the service and price for satellite internet. So as soon as we find a permanent place to live, I’ve got Wild Blue’s number written down so that we can get connected at home again.

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