Latest scam - American Airlines tickets

You know, I don't have to go looking for scams, they are delivered straight to my inbox almost everyday. Today I got one with a zip attachment that says I bought an airline ticket. Here is the email:

ELECTRONIC 813785561
DATE/ TIME / JANUARY 20, 2012, 11:34 PM
ARRIVING / Modesto

Your bought ticket is attached to the letter as a scan document.
You can print your ticket.

Thank you
American Airlines.

Now there are only 2 problems with that email. First thing is that I did not buy a ticket and second is that American Airlines does not fly into Modesto. In fact I don't think that Modesto has an airport. I use to work in Modesto so I know the area.

Just out of curiosity I checked fight AA633 and found out that it is an international flight from Puerto Rico to Dallas.

No I did not click on the zip file. Email was reported as spam.

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