The stores are pushing the holidays

No sooner is Christmas and New Years Day are over, out comes the Valentines Day stuff and Super Bowl party decorations in our local Walmart. I don't know about you but I am starting to feel a bit pushed along. The Valentines stuff takes up 4 isles and is a bit over the top this year. How many stuffed pink animals can one person own? I think I would go for personalized gifts for boyfriends, husband, wives and girlfriends rather than an off the shelf box of candy with a stuffed animal. It takes more thought and the person getting the gift knows it.

But back to the holiday pushing by stores. Have you noticed that nowadays many stores are now putting out items for 2-5 months in advance of the event? This morning I was buying kitty litter and looked over to another department of the store and they are putting out the bar-b-que stuff for the summer...........HELLO??!! We are still in winter with another 2 months to go before spring. This is in the Pacific Northwest where we have snow and heavy cold rains for the next 2 months. What are those stores thinking?

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