Video your work area and win a makeover

You have no doubt heard by now about the Pimp My Cube Contest where you can win a Grand prize worth $1200 to makeover your work cubical or office. What the contest people are looking for is messy and I do mean MESSY work areas. They want people to send in a video of that mess but make it entertaining. After all how else is your work area going to compete against others that are just as messy or even worse.
So when filming that winning video think creative. Maybe make it into a flash mob style video and get all your co-workers to help out. You can tempt them into joining the fun by letting them know that prize could be an elaborate entertainment package with stereo equipment. Of course a new computer would be good as well. Below is one of their sample videos where they cover what they are looking for such as what your work area looks like and a mini tour of it.

You will increase your chances of winning by getting friends and family to vote for your video. if you have a few thousand friends on Twitter and you can talk them into voting for your video then you could win this thing.
So are you ready for a cubical makeover? Better hurry because the contest ends 1/31/12 at 12pm

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