The risks of putting code on your blog

Just discovered one of the risks of putting advertising code on your blog without keeping a close eye on it. I have one blog that I allow banner advertising to run via an advertising network. When setting up permissions for the ad space I only allow ads to run after I take a look at them and pre-approve them, and I am glad I do. Today I had just one ad to look at and I was shocked to see it was 2 banners for porn sites in a language other than English. I have never seen that ad network have ads for smut so I have sent them a heads up and also warned them that I would remove my blogs (I have 2 listed with them) from their system should I see another ad like that.

Now I don't mind having an ad run for eBay, Walmart or one of those 2012 best buy coupons but I do draw the line at any of the ads that Google does not allow on blogs that run Google Adsense. I am lucky that all of the ads that Google does not allow, I also don't like. What I have found very strange is that Google will sometimes run ads that are the very types of ads they don't allow.

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