Finding treasures to sell on eBay

I have mentioned before that I sell items on eBay for very quick cash. I have learned over the years what sells and for how much. I sometimes make a real find and surprise myself how much something can sell for. A few weeks ago I had such a find. I found a large plastic bag full of new leather wallets and key chains at the local thrift store. I bought the bag for $3.99 and took my treasures home. I thought that I could get at least $10 or $15 for the wallets and maybe $5-8 for the keychains. To my surprise, one of the keychains that I listed was starting to get some unusual interest. The key chain ended up selling for $24. It was a Harley Davidson keychain that was still in an unopened package dated 1989.

I am still trying to sell the wallets but the key chains are the items that are really selling.

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