The Author of this post is Velma Baird

My children love video games, but they can get very expensive. I was spending close to 200 dollars a month on video games and we had them scattered all over the house. I decided that it was time to cut costs and get rid of games that no one plays. I looked into selling them at game stop, but they give you next to nothing for them. Then a friend told me that she used eBay to buy and sell video games. I used WildBlue Internet to check out the eBay website. I found that video games are a lot cheaper on eBay than in the stores and that people are able to earn a fair amount of money by selling them. I quickly bought a couple of video games that my children had been wanting and listed about 10 that I wanted to sell. I saved 30 dollars by buying the games online rather than in-store and I made 250 dollars from the games that I sold. I knew then that eBay was the way to go. Now I don’t spend any money out of pocket for video games. I simply sell them and use the money I make to buy more.

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