New spin on how spammers use Craigslist

I put an ad on Craigslist a few weeks ago. Just a simple ad selling something. I got one response. The email asked a few questions that was relevant to the item so I just waited for a response after I answered the questions. A few days later I got back an email saying he was sorry but he sent the email out to the wrong ad. Ok, I was fine with that until the next day I got another email from him.

At this point his email read "since I had emailed you recently, I thought you might be interested in how my sister made $600 a day online lately" with a link of course to one of those spammy websites with a fake newspaper article. So he was trolling for email addresses. But it didn't end there, he kept sending those emails for 3 straight days in a row. Those damn things were more like yo yos, they kept coming back!

Thank goodness I had used a hotmail email account. So I went in and blocked that idiot's email addy after reporting it as a spammer to hotmail.

Yes the email spammers are getting creative - don't fall for them.

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