How to get more visitors sent to your blog from Google

There is no secret that Google likes good blogs with unique content, so why is yours being overlooked? It is often what Google finds and dislikes on your blog that will determine if you get more visitors or not. Google is about links and bounces not so much about what is actually written as long as it is different from another page.

Before I begin, let me say that the tips I have will only work on blogs that you host on your own domain with software. If you have that then let's begin.

All of the methods I will mention I have used and gotten great success from them.

  1. Check those broken links and repair or remove them. Google does not like broken links. You can install a plugin to check broken links and they do work. When I installed one on my wordpress blogs I got over 115 broken links on one blog alone. Once I removed or fixed them, my visitor rate from Google search went up by 25% a day.
  2. Find and fix your 404 errors. Yep those pesky "file not found" errors. If you removed a post or renamed a page then you are going to get those 404 errors. A visitor ends up on one of those generic 404 pages and quickly surfs away from your blog. Install a 404 redirect plugin. The good plugins for that will show you the pages that are resulting in 404 errors and you can redirect them to other pages in your blog. Instead of your visitor getting a 404 page they will be greeted with a page that they can do a search on or find the information they were looking for. I started doing that last month on 2 of my blogs and both of them have now doubled the amount of daily visitors. One went from 50 a day to 260, mostly from Google search.
  3. Install Google analytics. Yep, let Google know your visitor and bounce rate. When Google sees the bounce rate going down, they will send more visitors to your blog. Works for me every time.
I only wish blogger would have some of those options then I could tweak my blogspot blogs.

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