What I do with my blogging money

Since I began this blog over 5 years ago (this month in fact) I have changed my goals of how I spend the money I earn by blogging. At first it was just to help pay for my pets, their vet bills and special foods. It then turned into a desperate way to earn a living when I became unemployed from 2008 to 2010. The income from blogging that I made was never enough to call it an income that I could retire on but it paid off several very large bills (in the thousands) and allowed me the peace of mind not to worry about the occasional unexpected living expense that would raise its ugly head during the most in-opportunistic times.

In the last year or so I have noticed a marked decrease in companies that pay for bloggers to write about their products. Their payments have also decreased as well. I could at one time have written a blog post with about 200 to 300 words on a product or service and get paid about $75. Now I see those same offers but they only want to pay $10 or less for about an hours work and use my blogs to post the articles. No thanks.

Now I rely more on Google ads and affiliates for most of my internet income. I have also have a small store on eBay to clear out a back bedroom full of stuff that has accumulated over the years. That little venture is now paying for a new car.

My blogging adventures have changed over the years. At one time I could spend hours upon hours online desperately trying to earn a living online. Now I have more of a laid back attitude about the whole thing. There is more to life than the online world.

I recently was asked if I wanted to help out at a local business. This was for weekends only and is non-internet related. It is to ride as trail boss for horseback riding groups. I have not done that type of work since 2004. I am looking forward to it. I will need to get a new riding helmet and a new pair of riding pants. I will be paid for having a great time outdoors on the weekends when the weather is good.

Yes blogging for money has helped me and my family out but learn as I have and see that life is not about the pursuit of money but how you pursue it. Take a lesson from me and don't spend hours online and worrying about making money, learn to make friends and connections in your local community and opportunities will arise for you.

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