My first and maybe my last church sale

Well, my first holiday Church sale is over and I am only $8.00 in the hole! Just one sale the entire 7 hours I was there. I don't feel too bad since it was a learning experience. Another woman there was selling huge plush blankets and not one sold. Lots of people looking but very few buying. One lady was doing custom embroidery with a huge industrial size machine on the spot - her customers were all the other vendors.

What I learned:
  • It is better to have a small exclusive sale like a party that lasts only 2 hours than to spend 7 hours waiting for customers to show up
  • $15.00 (my booth spot fee) would have been better spent on party refreshments to host my own Sterling silver jewelry party
  • I would much rather have my customers come to me - via a hosted party, than have to wait for one to maybe show up.

I might do one more fair type selling but not at a Church sale. The next one is on December 8th at a local school. I have not decided to go to it yet but I might.

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