Saving money at the grocery store

I wanted to get meat for a pot roast dinner. When I looked at the prices of the roasts it about floored me. The price was $3.99 a pound. Right next to them was London Broil on sale at $1.99 a pound. At that point I figured beef was beef and bought the London Broil for the meat for the pot roast. I then went to the ground beef section to buy some ground beef for a "dirty rice" dinner. Again sticker shock at the $3.89 a pound for ground beef - the "cheap" kind at that. I went back to the London Broil and bought another one. This one I cut up in small chunks when I got home for dinners such as the "dirty rice" and the hamburger helpers I have. The 2 London Broils I bought for a total of $8.75 will be used in 4 different dinners.

The pot roast was cooked today in the crock pot and came out really nice. I think I like the "cheaper" cuts of beef.

By the way stew meat was being sold for $3.55 a pound!!


Kasia said...

Well done! I have sort of home economy, too. It makes shopping a bit complicated (I have to remember which shops are cheaper for what products), but it allows me to save quite a lot of money monthly. Sending my other half to do the shopping usually ruins everything :)
Thanks for popping by.

Eric said...

It's all that non-inflation we keep hearing about. I'd hate to see things when we actually have inflation.