Something is strange about Google's PageRank

Google's PagePank seems to be the goal of most bloggers, the higher it is the better the blog or so we are led to believe. I am finding this is not true at all. Here are my findings on the subject:

A niece of mine, a teenager, has a blog about sea life. There are about 12-14 posts on it all together. She has a friend that occasionally writes a short post but that is about it. She has had the blog for about a year. She seldom writes in it, maybe once a month. She gets about 200 readers a day and her PageRank is 5. She does not post on other blogs or have links pointing to it, yet. She does not write long blog posts, her posts are very short 1 paragraph long. No advertising on her blog.

Another blog that I have discovered and become email pals with the owner has a PageRank of 4 and has about 10 readers a day. She has about 20+ posts and tries to write at least once a week if not more. Her articles have appeared on and she has a few pingbacks. She would love to have more readers.

My conclusions are PageRank has very little to do with how many visitors you have or your content. I plan on looking more into how PageRank works and why it seems so important to advertising rates. As of right now I just think it is all smoke and mirrors.

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Sire said...

It's not PR that gets you readers it is getting a good position on the search engines and for that I reckon it's all to do with picking the right keywords and titles etc.