Selling stuff online

So you now need some extra money to help pay for Christmas. Just join the crowd there are lots of us in the same boat. I am going to give you a quick run down on where to sell your "stuff" online.
  • Ebay is the first place that comes to mind when anyone is trying to sell online. If you have a collectible item then I say go for it. That is the place that people shop for rare and old, one of a kind items. If you have a new item to sell, stay away from eBay because people that shop there will only buy a brand new item if it is dirt cheap. Watch out for their high selling fees both when you list your item and when the item sells. Ebay uses PayPal
  • is a great place to sell your books, computer software and other types of items. The big plus about Amazon is that they don't charge you to list an item but they do charge a fee when it sells. The customers that shop Amazon also expect to pay more for their purchase so you don't get the bargain hunters like you do on eBay. Only certain types of items can be sold on Amazon with having one of their "webstores". If you have a webstore you can sell anything. Amazon transfers your payments straight to your bank account.
  • is a free ecommerce site that you can set up your own store. You have a wide choice of how you can have people pay you. The store can have as many items as you want. The down side is that you have to promote it like a regular website.
  • is one of the most used online ad systems in the USA. I hear of more and more people shopping on craigslist than getting stuff off of eBay. Craigslist is free to use but you do get some weird people that like to criticize ads.

I have personally used eBay, Amazon and Ecrater. Of the 3 I like Amazon for the higher prices they get me, Ecrater to sell my jewelry and eBay to sell some old items that were collecting dust. I have used Craigslist to advertise my Ecrater store.

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