What people are really looking for on the internet

I have been to a few internet marketing seminars in the past few years just to pick up some tips and hints on how to better conduct business online. The main fact I was constantly being told was the biggest commodity on the internet was information. People go online to look something up or learn something new. When I see people giving information away I wonder why they do it. For example there is a blog that has nothing but free myspace layouts on it. The code is put there so you can copy it and use it. It is one of the most popular blogs online today according to Techorati.com, the website that keeps track of those things. That same blog makes the blog owners money in Google ad revenue and lots of it. So they have found a way to give something away and still make money in the process.

Along those same lines I looked up which of my blog posts got the most readers. In number one place it was the Hallmark Humping Dog with a close second being Find out how much your website is worth. Both of those posts had nothing to do with making money, saving money or blogging in general. They were both a curiosity item type of posts. With that now in mind I have started an experimental blog that has nothing to do with money or selling anything and this blog will not be promoted. Right now I have been tracking it's progress on Statcounter and it gets about 5 visits a day with about 10 posts so far. People are also linking to it. I will let everyone know how my mystery blog and experiment does.


Rybu said...

I'm always surprised at which posts get the most search hits. It always seems to be the last one I would imagine.

It's frustrating that so much blog traffic is lost from people looking up MAKE MONEY BLOGGING MAKE MONEY BLOGGING...It's frustrating!


Scratching-out-a-living said...

Actually I find that not many people want to make money blogging, in fact most of the people that I know that surf the net don't even want to type in comments much less have a blog. Sure they like to share photos but that is about it. The vast majority are looking up free downloads or playing games.