Using keywords to drive traffic to your blog or website

The great majority of website or blog owners have no clue how they get their visitors from search engines. They assume that people are looking for what they have to sell or the information they have on their sites is what people are looking for. They are far from the real truth. Their visitors are arriving from search engines because they typed in a word or phase that matches what they were searching for. Some websites have actually used that to their advantage and added keywords or phrases to their site just to get visitors. For example if you had a health foods blog or website you might add the phrase "a diet pill that works" just to get people to land on your site that had typed in that phrase. Sometimes the words or phrases that will bring the most visitors are the words "wholesale" or "discount". The most common word typed into the search engines when people are shopping for something is the word "free" or "free shipping". The more keywords you use on your blog or website that pertain to what your site is all about the more visitors you will have from search engines.

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