More about using keywords on your blog or website

Some of you new to the realm of blogging or websites will wonder what IS a keyword. A keyword is a word on your blog or website that a search engine will use to sort out your site on searches. The word "the" is so common that unless the person is using it in a complete phase in a search the search engine will ignore it. Major shopping keywords are discount, sale, wholesale and free. Of course the use of the words that fully describe what your website is all about is what you need to use on your website - frequently. For example if you have a website or blog about model airplanes but fail to put other words that fully describe them as models you will not only get lots of people looking for full size aircraft but lots of visitors that simply surf on and off your site in a matter of a few seconds. That is the negative part about using keywords but there is a plus side too.

The great thing about using keywords is that you can make money from them if you have Google Adsense on your blog or website. For example if I use the words Diet Pills on a blog post I can expect a Google Ad to show somewhere on the blog about diets. Knowing what is the higher paying Google Ads (money that you can earn by people just clicking on them) you can then cater to using keywords that will have those higher paying clicks. I am told that medical and legal terminology is the highest paying per click ads.

If you are just starting out with a blog just use lots of different keywords in your blog posts to see what kind of Google Ads show up. To find which keywords pay the most (and they are constantly changing) do a search on "highest paid Google Ads" and you should come up with a long list of sites to check out.

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