Crazy and money making inventions

I think that almost everyone wants to be the inventor of the next "pet rock" and become rich and famous. The real fact is that the human race has new inventions everyday. Some are mundane, some lifesaving and others just plain useless and crazy.

We may laugh at the crazy inventions like chia pets, the clapper and the George Foreman grill but they have made millions for their promoters. Some of the best money making inventions have had something to do with exercise and fitness. You know about the Bowflex, the Total Gym and thigh master but what about Kettlebells and exer-rider? Will they ever be well known?

I was given a Healthrider years ago when it use to be "the" hot exercise piece of equipment to have. I soon found out why the Healthrider did not last as a long term piece of fitness equipment, it hurt your back. I talked to others that also had a Healthrider and they too developed back pain after using it for more than a week. It was one of those pieces of fitness equipment that was all hype and lacked proper research. They too gave up on those $400 Healthriders and soon I started seeing them at garage sales and fleas markets for less than $20.

A word to the wise, don't buy some new invention because of hype, wait a few months to see if the item will last and live up to it's claims.

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