Activia lawsuit

No doubt you have heard or seen the yogurt commercial with Jamie Lee Curtis for Activia. Where the statement that "Activia, with Bifidus Regularis is scientifically proven to help with slow intestinal transit when eaten daily for two weeks." It seems that the statement is not quite true. Bifidus Regularis is a made up name that Dannon coined for the commercial. There were no "clinical" trials nor any scientific studies, Dannon just plain lied. Of course they got sued to the tune of $35M and Dannon lost the case.

That brings up an important fact that us consumers can be lied to and misled for the sake of selling bogus claims. One of the tops on my list is colon cleansing. With names like cleansonix and bowtrol. The advertisements that those companies come up with are so misleading. Your colon does not need to be "cleansed" it needs to do it's job of digesting food. The only time it needs to be totally empty is when you go in for a colonoscopy. By the way the only way those products work is to give you some nasty diarrhea. Not only will you be regular again but regular every 15 minutes.

Next time you see a bogus claim like "60% of the world human population has worms" dig up the real facts before buying their chemical concoction that could kill you or damage your internal organs.

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