Looking good for that job interview

Is it true that companies and even small businesses are now looking at their prospective employees through a camera lens? There has been a huge increase of women going to plastic surgeons just to get a nip and tuck for job interviews.

My own personal experience tells me yes, companies want good looking people, but not everywhere. In California there is a higher standard of looking good for that interview than in Oregon. California has a younger population while Oregon has an older population. States like Oregon, Arizona and Florida are known as retirement states and their populations are mostly older people. Other states like California are the states with young families. The states that have a younger population tend to look at an individual that is interviewing for a job as how good looking they are. While an older population state will look at a person's qualifications more than looks.

So if you are having trouble getting hired and think it is because you look too old, don't get out the best wrinkle cream just yet. Try looking for a job in a different area where the population is closer to your age bracket.

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