One of the worst paying ad networks

After a 3 month experiment with an ad network I can now say that AdBrite is one of the worst paying networks that a publisher can use to get money from displaying ads on their blogs. I had chosen one of my well trafficked blogs for the experiment. Normally I would get about $4-5 a week in Google ad clicks from the blog and that was when traffic to the blog was only 100-200 visitors a day. I did not know at the time I started the experiment that the blog would jump to well over 4K visitors a day and a few days hit the 14K mark and more. Dumb me, I should have reverted back to the Google ads but no I continued with the AdBrite ads, thinking that the pay would be better. Boy, oh boy, was I wrong...dead wrong in fact.

The AdBrite ads did not display ads related to the subject matter of the blog, in fact some of them were offensive to me. Because of that I switched over to manual approve the ads that appeared. That did not stop the slew of get rich quick ads, ads for phentermine, and ads in a foreign language but now I had more control over them.

I had clicks but the clicks on the ads were only 1 or 2 cents. With Google I was use to 5 cents and up per click. Did I get paid for views? Yes I did but at a rate of about 3 cents per 1000 views which is actually slightly less than Google pays. For the entire 3 months I earned about $1.80...dismal, just plain dismal.

I just dropped AdBrite off of that blog today and put back the Google ads and have already earned .56 cents for one click. I am kicking myself for wasting 3 months of good revenue.

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