I am now earning a full time income from the internet

Heck it only took 4 years.....LOL

Yep, 4 years to get it right and to build up to a steady weekly income. No I don't rely on affiliate programs or Google Adsense, they are the gravy added at the end of each month. I don't rely on them because their income is not a steady stream, they go up and down each day like a yo-yo. I am talking about article writing as a guest blogger, ghost writing for websites and of course my article writing over at AC. I also get a steady daily stream of paid blog post offerings which I have enough of to pick and choose from.

I really like the fact that I can get most of my work done in about 3-4 hours a day. Now I just have to break my nasty habit of surfing between jobs so I don't spend 9 hours a day "working."

Our house might have a nice Christmas this year with a few "house" gifts like a blu ray player or a LED TV, or both.

Gee it is nice not to worry about income anymore.

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