What to do when your blog runs out of steam

If you have chosen to blog about something that is a high income earner but holds a low interest for you to write about, you will eventually run out of steam (things to write about), so what do you do?

Should you move on and let that blog die a quite death? That will happen if you decide not to blog in it for weeks or months on end. Or do you do something with it?

Here is what I did and it works:

I have a weight loss blog that I post to about twice a week. After 2 years I was running out of different ways to write about weight loss supplements and exercise, my mind just could not think of anymore articles. So rather than just quit my blog, I decided to change the title (not the URL) to a general health blog. Now I could write about cancer, aroma therapy and even plastic surgery and by doing so I will attract those higher paying Google Adsense ads to the blog. A big plus for me is that my mind is now no longer restricted to weight loss articles but is free to think about a larger picture.

It boils down to the fact that niche blogging can be extremely limited and will burn out after awhile, but a good well written blog will last forever and will continue to generate income for years.

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