I just got slapped up side the head

Why didn't I think of this LAST YEAR??? I just got a taste of true reality. I am talking about why this blog and 2 of my other blogs really don't make much money at all.....because they don't solve people's problems.

Yes, I know that there are a hand full of money making blogs out there that entertain, are news worthy or just plain fun, but they are the exception. They have a loyal following and big companies buy advertising on those blogs. The rest of the true money making blogs actually provide a service, they solve a problem that someone is having....for a price.

I am sorry to inform you that unless you are providing a sought after solution to someone's problem, you are not going to make much money online. If you can entertain, have a huge fan base and people knocking on your email door to thrust those advertising dollars down your throat, you might have a successful blog. Me on the other hand, I am going to solve a few people's problems.

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