It is official, Digg has died

Digg, the very well known social bookmarking and promoting tool of the past 6 years has died, at least in my experiment. I had joined Digg about 2006 when it was still on the rise to becoming a force to drive traffic to any website that I submitted to them. I had several hundred followers and I in turn followed many hundred people and their "diggs." Just submitting an article or story to Digg would often result in 200+ visitors in under the first hour to that story. As I got more involved with Stumble (which is still around and in my opinion still a great tool) and Twitter, I forgot all about Digg, that was until last week.

I decided that I should drop in on my old friend, Digg and see what was going on. My several hundreds of followers were now down to 34. The people I followed were gone and only 65 were left. I did hear the rumors that 13 million members had vanished from Digg around April 2010 and looking at my stats, it looked to be true.

I decided to submit a few articles and see what would happen. I submitted 3 and then waited overnight to see the results. Well the results were dismal. No visitors, no comments and worse yet, I could not find them in my own account. I had to do a search for them.

Digg is now over run with non-stories. It seems that they have "partnered" with media providers and those providers are swamping Digg with "story ads." There are "stories" about laptop keyboard specs and weight loss supplement reviews which are thinly disguised ads. What I didn't like was the fact that you can no longer "bury" a story should it be just plain awful.

Yep, Digg is dead, officially buried by Twitter and people leaving because big media companies now rule it.

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