Modern media is using the internet as a cop out

This is an open message to all TV networks and local TV stations:

Dear TV producer,
I know that you have a website. I watch TV to not only be entertained but to get the latest news. When watching TV, my computer is usually turned off for the day. In fact I have spent enough time on the computer that I am almost sick of least for today.

What I am writing to you today for, is that I am totally pissed off about the fact that during your news shows your reporters constantly tell viewers to find out more at your f****** website. I am NOT interested in finding the "rest of the story" on your ad ridden, slow loading, piece of s*** website. I want the story on TV - NOW. If I could jump through the TV screen and give you a thorough colon cleanseing (and I don't mean that in a nice way) I would. In other words - you are anal.

I would like to add that although you think that most people have a computer in their homes, not all are connected to the internet. Most people that are strapped for cash have dropped their internet service and now find free wi-fi service at the library (if they have a laptop) or outside a fast food place.

Now please start reporting the whole story on your TV news and forget you even have a web presence, your viewers don't care.

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