I have discovered another way to make money online

The little trick I learned was based on what I already use. It made me some very quick money in under 24 hours. I was shocked!! As you know, I write articles for AC (link to them is in the side bar). I also have a lot of old fiction and non-fiction books that I need to move out of the house. Rather than just bag the books up and head over to Goodwill or the other donation places in town, I have been reading them again, but this time writing up a book review on each of them. Once my book review is done, I list the book on a free eCrater store I opened up just to sell the books at a really cheap price, then I submit my book review to AC. They have been approving and paying me around $5 for each book review and I add a link to where to buy it when I submit the article. So now I have made $5, got a free inbound link to my store and have been getting hits on the book. I don't put the link to the book in the article, but AC likes to have "reference" links posted along side the article for their readers.

Now this method would work if you are advertising anything online. You could write an article to compare prenatal vitamins and then add a link to your store that sells the different vitamins. The big plus is that you get paid just to write the article and you haven't even sold anything yet.

You have got to be creative when advertising online and there are many companies that will help you do that.

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