Writing for a living

If you think that writing for a living is all rosy and unicorns, boy do I have an eye opener for you. When you have a client that loves they way you write but wants you to write an article for their website about something you know nothing about, you are in big trouble. You can either say no thank you and turn down a $50 assignment or just do a few minutes worth of research and see what you can come up with (and cross your fingers that the client likes it).

Last week I had a client want an article written about weight loss pill side effects. Since I don't use weight loss pills and the only effects I knew about were bouncing off the walls from the caffeine that were in some of the pills or diarrhea as one of the more well known pills were known for (no I will not mention the name of the pill) I almost turned them down. I emailed them about the diarrhea thing and they told me that they wanted an article that pointed that out!! It turned out that they are in direct competition of the famous pooping pill. So I wrote my article and got my money.

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