Google puts a stop to link selling once and for all

Well it looks like Google has finally had enough of people selling links and will stop it. Google dropped the biggest hint of all, by not updating the PageRank in the toolbar since April. They have also sent hints out via their own employees in their help sections. You should read this one about the PageRank update. It was posted just a few days ago.

I would not be surprised to see all the toolbar rankings go to "0" or gray out. Google removed the toolbar from its webmaster toolbox last year.

So here is my suggestion for those companies that want inbound links to your own websites - find well respected blogs and websites that have the same subject matter as your company and contact them to place real advertisements on those sites. Don't use advertising companies as they have those weird forwarding links like doubleclick, linksygny or clickad and they don't have a direct link to your site. You are going to have to contact blogs and websites the old fashion way, individually.

Now that Google has taken its ball off of the playing field you have to rethink SEO.

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The Knowledge Lady said...

So far it seems to be true. I have yet to see any PageRank changes to any of my 15 blogs. It is now almost the end of Oct so that means the PR toolbar has not been updated in just over 6 months.

There is a good side to all of this. Google is now valuing content higher than backlinks. That means if you have unique content and lots of it on your blog you can get more visitors from Google searches than you did in the past. All of my blogs have gotten an increase in visitors since Google added that instant search function.

I just added created 3 more blogs last month to test all of this out. Each of them have no back links, I don't publicize them in any way - yet they are getting traffic with only 3 blog posts each.