Sick of Facebook

Is there anyone else in this world who really dislikes the fact that people will put a link to FaceBook and not realize that in order to see that page you have to be a member of FaceBook? Can people really be that dumb?

It is not only people but businesses that pull that same stunt. FaceBook member....yes you....I can't view your dumb page because I am not a member and I don't intend to become one just to read your page.

FaceBook started out as a place where college kids could go and network with other college kids, now that has changed. It use to be that if you were not a real live person, you could not have a FaceBook page. That pushed companies out and those who wanted to start up a fan page for a movie star or club. Now they are welcomed by FaceBook.

I think that FaceBook is trying to take over the world. Just today I was on one of my favorite message boards to read all of the complaints about a little button they added to the message board that you could favor the thread or post on FaceBook. I didn't really care since I am not a member of FaceBook but those who were complained up a storm. They did not want their friends on FaceBook knowing what they did on another website. I can't blame them one bit. After a few hours of compliants, the button was removed from the message board.

So what are your thoughts on FaceBook? Are you sick of it, like it or just don't care?

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