Happy Halloween

Are you enjoying this rare Halloween Sunday? I know I have been watching all of the shows on TV that told how Halloween came about and how "trick or treating" became a necessity to cut down on vandalism. I also found out that adult Halloween parties and costume balls are what is fueling the big money making for Halloween sales. Costumes sure have changed in style and quality since I was a kid.

I think that Halloween masks have seen the greatest change in the last 15-20 years. You hardly ever see those old plastic masks with the elastic band to keep it on your face anymore. Now it is either face make-up or latex masks.

Costumes are now made from regular material rather than those thin flimsy nylon things you bought in the box, along with those old style plastic masks. People will often hunt down Parada accessories, Rebecca Minkoff handbags, wedding dresses and pinstriped suits in second hand stores for that unique looking costume.

My daughter will be busy volunteering at a local haunted house this night. She gets to dress up and scare people to death. No parties are planned but I might make a big batch of Halloween cupcakes.

Happy Halloween.

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