Writing more articles for Associated Content

I am so thrilled to becoming a popular writer on Associated Content. I am now a featured contributor for 3, yes 3 sections. AC kept sending me emails asking that I join the sections (pets, technology and finance) that I finally gave in and joined.

I have been a member on there since 2006 but did not start writing for them until 2007. The advantages of becoming a featured contributor is that you write 3 articles about your chosen subject each month for $10 each. That means I will earn $90 minimum for maybe 4 hours work each month. Of course that does not include the other articles I write which I can get paid a minimum of $6 each and most of them are in the $10 to $15 range. I can easily earn $200 a week if I wrote 3 articles a day.

I have noticed that many new writers on there do not have a clue how to be successful on the site. They write articles that the subject matter can be found else where. For example, articles about "how to get rid of acne fast" will not get many views if that subject matter is covered in-depth at the Mayo Clinic website. The same for almost any subject. Your article has to not only be unique but on a subject, but also not covered in-depth all over the internet.

Another thing that the new article writers are doing is writing their articles in the style of a blog post. AC is stepping in and removing those articles - thankfully. "Open letters" and  "updates on what they have been doing" to their "fans" is not what Associated Content needs or wants on their website.

If you think that having an extra few hundred dollars a week is just what the doctor ordered, then join me at Associated Content (click on the badge in the side bar) and start writing and get paid for it.

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