Are you sick of Christmas shopping yet?

I don't know which is worse, shopping at stores that have their Christmas decorations up on the day after Halloween or seeing the first "Chia Pet" ad of the season on TV last week. Can we please get through Thanksgiving before we have to think about Christmas trees and stockings. Yes websites are also popping up just to push Christmas stuff.

Just as a side note, did you know that several Halloween costume places (mostly online stores) filed for bankruptcy the day after Halloween? Most of them just shut their doors. When will these places get the big hint and realize that people do not have huge parties when the economy has not shown positive improvement.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, people are only buying the basics this holiday season. If you have a company that sells novelties or frivolous items, then expect less than stellar sales.On the other hand basic clothes, food and household items that need to be replaced will do well. The only electronic extras might be for the kids toys or iPods. Amazon's Kindle might do well since they have lowered their price on them. But expect lower prices on everything as we get closer to Christmas.

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