My long term goal to make $150 a day online with only 2 hours a week work

I want to turn my money earning blogging adventure into something different. I am currently working on making 100 affiliate stores and promoting them with my SEO techniques.With any luck and lots of work, I should be able to make at least $1 a day per store, that's $100 a day to start.

So what kinds of products am I promoting? Right now I am doing a few niche stores ro start off with. One deals with skin care products with a section on acne. I might add a Google ads banner for extra income since skin care products like accutane pay well for clicks.

Another store has technology products. The main thing about the stores I develop is that it must be a product or niche that I know something about. That way I can write a few articles about what to look for in purchasing that product. The articles will also help direct search engine traffic to the store.

I want to get them established enough that they (the stores) will get regular daily traffic without doing much more in the way of SEO. Then I can spend my time just updating the sites once a week if needed.

I am a member of about 10 affiliate companies, so there is no lack of items to promote. My most successful one so far is eBay. A few months back I made $40 in one day promoting eBay. I like but the only drawback is that they pay out only after 90 days while most other companies pay out at least once a month, if not more often.

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Hourly Worker said...

I wish I could earn just $100 a day and get away from the dumb a$$es I work with.