Shrimp and guacamole bites for appetizers

We can save money with not eating out so much, so with that in mind here is a guest blogger.

Guest post written by Rose Miller

My husband is having a bunch of his co-workers over to our house for a dinner party as kind of a way to celebrate the New Year. Sure, it's a month late but it's better late than never!

Now my responsibility is figuring out what I'm going to cook for the dinner. I have the main course already made up but I wanted to come up with some really neat appetizers to serve to people as they arrive. I went online with our cleartvbundle to find some ideas for something really different. I think that's the area where I can really take my chance and fix something off-beat. The worse that could happen is that people don't eat the appetizers and just eat a little more of t! he main course and dessert.

After a little bit of searching, I decided on fixing some shrimp and guacamole bites. I've never had any before but they sound so crazy that I think they just might be delicious. If no one else likes them, I’ll just eat them all after everyone has left.

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