Companies that refuse to enter the 21st century

Do you work for a place that has old fashion hand written time cards or tracks sales or purchases using an old ledger? Then you work at a place that the management or owner has a fear of the 21st century technology.

Such places are not as rare as you might think. I have gone into many small stores that don't have a laser barcode scanner or even accept credit cards because that involves having a new fangled gizmo to scan the cards. These stores are often own or run by people older than 50. Those people in their 60's and older don't own computers but rely on the younger generations in their family to do "all that computer stuff."

Many companies that do have computers are still fearful of anything in a digital format. They still have paper back ups for everything. I have worked at several places like that. They still remember the day when the computer crashed and took everything with it. Rather than upgrade to a better system or learn to back up their files, they continue print out everything.

Those are the companies that will be left in the dust as the computer age matures even further.

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