Making old things work

The TV at our house is one of the central pieces of furniture that everyone gathers around, much like most homes in the USA. When the speakers started to go out on it we debated the idea of getting a new LED TV but the cost right now is just a tad too much, at least for us. So we figured out another solution.

We had a Sony home theater system that we had not used in several years. It was stored in a back room and had 5 speakers. We would hook up the system to our Directv box and then just route the audio through the theater system. I had to go digging for the component video cables in a box but I found them. After a few tests and finding out what settings we needed we got it working. It only took us about 5 hours, but that included setting it up, wiring and dusting off everything and a few arguments about excessive wires all over the place. You see, hubby did not want to cut the 50' lengths of wire but have bundles of it showing. I convinced him to cut the wire to the 3' lengths that were needed. My excuse was that the cat would be attracted to the hanging bundles and play with them.

So now the TV is good for the time being until the picture goes out. 

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