How ads can be misleading

The internet has not only brought the world into our homes it has also made us aware of the fact that there is a lot of people out there trying to separate us from our hard earned money. When finding information about any product online you have to be careful to note if the review was written by someone not associated with the product or if that article is really an advertisement.Many of my fellow bloggers are guilty of writing false and misleading claims when it comes to product endorsement. Then you have those spam emails.

I got an email advertisement just today...........just like the 30 others I normally get everyday. It was advertising Technical Recruiter Consultant Jobs. When you think about that phrase it makes you wonder what is a recruiter consultant? Is it someone who recruits consultants or is it someone who is a consultant and is needed for advice on how to hire recruits.  The phase is misleading if not confusing.

That is just an example of what type of double talk is going on online. Craigslist has plenty of gems when it comes to misleading ads. When I see something odd or misleading on Craigslist I will flag it.

I think that some people have been taking lessons from the politicians for their double speak.

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