Carl's Jr now sucks, along with Arby's

The one thing about having a blog is the ability to rant to the world about the latest rip off. This time it is Carl's Jr, that fast food chain. The Carl's Jr in our town is joined with The Green Burrito. While I hardly ever eat hamburgers at Carl's Jr, I will eat their Green Burrito meals...............until today.

What happened today is that I found out that they changed the Green Burrito menu. Gone are the refried beans and rice side dishes, now they just offer tortilla chips or french fries with their soft tacos and burritos. I thought it was odd when I ordered my southwest chicken tacos and the server offered chips or fries. My thought was WTF? Then the "meal" came and I was highly disappointed to get a bag of tortilla chips along with my 2 tacos that were wrapped up like they came from Taco Bell. Where was my plate with the refried beans, chips and my tacos? They changed the menu and now have lost 2 customers, I was not the only one who was disappointed with the meal.

Arby's was recently bought by another company and they changed their menu about 5-6 weeks ago. They removed several of the only sandwich meals that I would eat there. I no longer stop at Arby's.

So along with McDonalds, I can add Carl's Jr and Arby's to the growing list of fast food chains that have changed their menus or hiked their prices to the moon. Let's see what is left.............Taco Bell, Subway, Burger King and the hot food section at Safeway.

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