Store discount cards

How many of those store discount cards do you carry around? I must have at least 12 in my wallet. I have a Safeway card, one from ACE hardware, Staples, Albertsons, Kohl's, and even one from Goodwill. I have more but I don't use them that much, maybe once a year. Of all of the discount cards I have only 2 of them send me emails with coupons to print out and announce special sales. They are Staples and Kohl's. Both of them offer generic 10% off coupons all the time.

10% is not that big of a deal when you live in a state that charges sales tax but if you live in a state that has no sales tax (like I do) then 10% is a good deal. Of course I just got more Kohls coupons emailed to me and Staples has a new sale going on.

What I do not understand is why do the stores even bother with discount cards? Don't they want everyone to shop at their store? By putting up 2 different prices on items - one for card holders and the other the "regular" price, they would discourage new shoppers in their stores. So why do they continue to do that? If you have the answer, chime in.

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