Living on cash only

I use to laugh at my parents when they told me never to buy anything on credit. They were children during the last Great Depression and saw what it had done to their families. Their own parents did not let them read the newspapers as to "protect" them from the world. I found out that not allowing children to read newspapers was the norm for the 1930's to 1940's.

I did not ever think that the world would repeat the Great Depression of the 1930's but it has. Of course most people will say that it is not as bad as back then but in a way it is, if not worse. It is just different than then. I think that people will become more of a cash only society and that weaning ourselves off of the fat credit card cow will be the only diet pills that work for becoming less venerable to the whims of banks.

I don't know if people will start stuffing their mattresses with money instead of using banks, but I would not be at all surprised anymore. After all, I used to laugh at my parents for not buying anything on credit.

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