Why most people can't make a living by just blogging

The great majority of of people that start blogging for money usually give up long before they are likely to receive the fruits of their writing. My personal estimate is that most bloggers that start off with great enthusiasm have their drive wind down after 3-6 months. After about 6 months I notice that bloggers that use to write several blog posts a day now only write 1 or less blog post a day. After those 6 months have passed and they don't manage to gather a following or have many visitors a day. Now their blog is only posted to about once a week or less - they are almost to the point of giving up on their money making blog venture.

What they don't realize is the fact that the more often you write in your blog the better the chance that your blog is indexed by the search engines. That along increases your chances people doing searches finding your blog. It also takes more than a year for a blog to gain enough posts and information for it to become interesting enough for advertisers to take notice and want to put ads on your blog.

Famous, money making blogs did not become that way over night. Often it took a year or more for a blog to get a following and regular readers.

My simple advice to you is:
  • If you plan on blogging for a living, make sure you are in it for the long haul. Think more in terms of at least 9 months before you will see any income from your efforts. Once you see that you CAN make money by blogging you will continue - but it takes time.

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Valentina said...

I am a "Blogger for Money" and have several blogs. Until late last year I was what one might describe as a casual blogger, just putting up articles with no plan in place - just hoping that the money would come along. Some did but not much.

Then at the end of last year I decided that 2009 was going to be blogging project ... I started a blog on blogging for money. I do not post every day but I do so consistently and I market my blog. Six months into the year the blog is beginning to show signs of traction and WOOHOO! Google finally ranked me ... a lowly 1 but its a start.

Blogging for Money can become a good income stream, but yes, you do need to work at it.